I deserve princess fairy tale love story

I am princess of my own wonderland where i fall in love with every other person i met.

Only me exist in this wonderland where emotions over flows as rivers in Himalayas usually and river rafting is my favourite adventure.

Yes in my wonderland u can see sleepy wizards as its main part of my life keeping me busy all the day.

Being technically educated my wonderland have most latest gadgets ammeter for measuring my ever changing current in my mood swings.

Every now and then i feel like sad not happy lost and wonder in wonderland is that no one wonders about that.

Why this is happening in my life no one is really caring now.

In my wonderland everyone is busy with their own dreams and trying to make their dreams to.

But no one is asking for me.

Sad very sad very much sad.

Enough of all this.

I will overcome all this failures in my life.

I deserve all happiness in my life including good love story excellent love story destiny of mine i will discover i will decide what will happen in my life.I will do what i want will explore world explore corporate world will explore everything my life.

No more worries will conquer me i will conquer my worries my sadness my failures like never before.

I will wake up stand up and will go ahead and will never look back again.

Success will salute me world will salute me I will salute myself.



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