Daily Prompt: Zing!

via Daily Prompt: Zing!

Zing means a quality  or characteristic that excites the interest or enthusiasm.Than I am having strong zing of writing blog or poem when i am in high emotion state…either highly high or highly low,sometimes when i feel like injustice ,or when i feel like rebellious there is zing working on my mind and brain.I used it to write best words to describe fame ,shame , blame.

I have zing of travelling.Whenever i get chance to travel i just go for it may be at that time i am loosing other good opportunity of work job  or any other project.But if i have good opportunity of travel then i get ready to side all other priorities and let zing of travel work for me.I visited Kashmir and Kerala and Rajasthan just keeping  away my interviews scheduled as An Engineer.oh! ya I am passed out in 2012 with engineering degree but still searching job,its all because of zing about travelling.Its used to happen i have to choose between travel and interview or exam i just choose travel. isn’t it zing of travel?

Everyone having in their life Zing of ‘something’.Lets find out it …. :)zing ..zing ..zing ..zingaat..


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