via Daily Prompt: Jump

Jump!Jump!Jump now! he scolded  his son trying to jump  from one staircase to other staircase.Andrew is  2 years old and yet feared about jumping.His dad worried about him as dad was mountaineer expert he wanted his son to be brave like him no fear for heights no fears for jumps The fearless Life.And that too much expectations makes him angry as sometimes he forgot while teaching his son that he is two years old and if he cant something he will learn gradually.Andrew has seen his father going for long trek on high mountains.But he doesn’t inherit his braveness,his love for mountains.Andrew found his interest with books and pens.As he was growing and his interest in reading and writing increasing .Whilst his father went on conquering hills mountains and making new records.

Where Andrew is usually enjoying spending his days near lakes and rivers with his imagination clouds  holding pen book and writing something.One day when father came late at Home in night ,he found his son in dark room with lamp light on lost in thoughts.As  he knocks door Andrew didn’t noticed it.Father wishing his son to be his follower.But Andrew is unable to fulfill his dream as he frightened with heights.Andrew kept sailing  boat of imaginations and father kept conquering hills.

One day Father decided to quit his mountaineering .He was inspiring world by  his achievements ,as he seen his son not get inspired by his work,he is not hero of his son not Super dad of his son.He felt sad as day by day his son kept writing and love with his room and darkness and lamp not with open clouds mountains and sunshine.

One day father having tea ,bell rang and he  received courier.Letter of invitation for best motivational book award for book named “Jump”.He open the letter where he found the book is written by his son Andrew.

He was happy holding letter he went inside room of son hugged him tightly.Tears rolled down from his eyes.Son said his father “why you are crying ?,You are my hero  and inspiration for this book”.When you always wanted to teach me jump hike trek ,i understood its not my world as conquering fear was hard for me.I found you inspiring me your braveness your fearless life and it inspired me to write “Jump”.And i found fear escaping as i hold pen.”Thank You dad for being my Super Hero”.


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