Daily Prompt: Daring

via Daily Prompt: Daring



Daring first time

came here out of womb

cried out loud

saw teary happy eyes of my first love

Daring second time

when first time my love wish me to leave hands and allow me to walk alone and go to school

Daring third time

when my love with me when i broke my leg in running competition and love help me to fight against odds and run again ….

Daring fourth time

when i was undecided about my career

but my love believes on my belief

and i dare to live my out of world dream

Daring fifth time

when i  find my second love

but not want to face the situations choose between first and second

my first love leave me with my second one

so can live my life easily

My last dare it was …

i have strength with me but something was missing

Now i understand my second love is my strength standing beside me

but to dare i feel my first love my mom behind me …standing behind me…encouraging me….believing me..

.I love U my Mom you stay always with me …behind me …encouraging me…i realise you are my world….

Now…My world, my strength and me dwelling  daring together to live the truth called Life by Universe….forever…..


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