via Daily Prompt: Tree


Handsome Tree meet beautiful bird today.Somehow tree managed to impress her with his   masculine shape.Everyday in morning she sits on branch singing love song.Her tiny polished red color edges feathers touches and tree fall in love of  her.Tree shadowed her.He seen her with her rainy wet feathers.He seen her in dry rough days of summer.She is beautiful in her every shade in every season.His one sided love story already started and willing to see her falling in love with him.

There was bright sunny day  birds were chirping, together happily a wedding song by sitting on trees around.Tree was very happy someone is getting love of life for whole life.

Ah!sharp edges poked him that day he saw few people gathered to cut him.The death.He wished to see her face once before dying.He prayed a lot please wait till my love come here please please.But humans are born deaf they never ever hears voice of nature.They brutally cuts tree and when he was taking his last breath he saw her ..Yes she was coming to meet him..yes she is coming she is coming.His teary eyes were happy as he see Bride and groom of the Day together.Yes it was her wedding And he died seeing her happy with bird.Singing love song everyday she sang before.


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