Girl being 30 being woman

Today one girl I met at my village, who wants to be like me. She was so much interested in me like observing me for 2 minutes. Then I came to know she is in atmosphere where girl get married at 19.Now I am 30 she must be surprised how she can be happy with such round figure and living alone long years. How she not felt low yet as not getting married or being as a wow hot curvy people called it fat I call it beautifulness. I am in love with my two balls people love to observe them that doesn’t make me to take dupatta. Who gives those people importance?people will remain like this. Why I should behave like being protective about myself? I wear badge of honour of being woman. Being woman is hardship when society don’t stand with you, you and only you can standby you. This power come to me from education, manners my mom dad taught. I feel freedom because I have an education. I can do anything this confidence comes from my education. As my life was all about school and home. But education taught me a lots of things which surely can’t be learned from outside world. How important role teacher in school plays in our life. How beautifully my mom cooks my tiffin when I get ready for school. Woman I met in my college, school, at home next door. They have different shades as their nature as their role they were playing. From them I learned how colourful we are. How world weaved around us. Our man our baby for them you are the world whether they say it or not! It doesn’t matter to us .We have our faith,unconditional love for them, to god to worship for our family.What woman can do? She can stand by herself when she get power to stand by herself. She will understand how we women can be together and can solve each other problems. How we can be well-wishers for each other. How we can go hand in hand and live life fully. Nowadays it’s only thing we need to stand by yourself be yourself power and then actually you can empower women around. Be power of each other rather than gossiping about each other.

    Now that girl we are friends, we used to talk to each other.Getting to know about her life in village. Hopefully I will convey her importance of education and being independent as woman.


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